While detoxification is an important step in your new, joyful life, it isn’t always easy. Thankfully, with detox options like NTR/NAD Rapid Detox, this vital step can be made easier and allow you to truly focus on your recovery.

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Rapid Detox Center in Arizona

Natural Assisted Detox is a treatment option which eases withdrawal symptoms via an intravenous infusion of vitamins, minerals and nutrients which expedites brain recovery. With the use of this treatment individuals can start recovery with a clear mind and improved state of health.

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Sporting culture encouraging substance abuse shoves athletes to the path of addiction

Considering the close relationship between physical activity and mental health, physical exercises release endorphins that provide relief from stress, anxiety and depression. Being a professional athlete may seem like a dream job to many. Elite athletes, such as Olympians or Ironman triathletes, carry an air of invincibility and portray the image of focus, motivation, determination ...

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Opioid epidemic risky for babies too!

The fact that opioids can lead to abuse and addiction and a host of side effects is well-established. Children born to mothers addicted to any drug during pregnancy often suffer from negative consequences that can last for a lifetime. This raises an alarm about the long-term side-effects of prenatal drug use of expecting mothers. The ...

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Is the harm reduction approach a possible answer to treating drug addiction?

With the rising trend in rampant drug abuse, researchers are constantly exploring new ways of controlling the epidemic that continues to affect millions of people in the United States. Those who are willing to cure their addiction problems enter into a rehab facility or consciously practice abstinence on their own. The traditional approaches to treating ...

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Deadly drug Pink behind 3 fatalities in Maricopa County, says DEA

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has identified the deadly drug U-47700, also known as just U-4 or Pink, as the substance responsible for three deaths in Arizona’s Maricopa County in 2016. The three fatalities occurred due to an overdose of Pink, the agency mentioned in a recent statement.

Of the three cases of drug overdose, ...

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Issues that may arise during the first stage of drug detox

Drug detox is a lengthy process, especially if the person seeking detoxification has had a long-term addiction problem. Since detoxification implies that the person has to quit drugs, there may be some challenges during the initial stage.

It is good to be aware of these issues because it may help the person seeking detox be prepared. ...