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Alcohol addiction or alcoholism remains one of the most looming substance abuse problems in the U.S. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, 17.6 million people, or one in every 12 adults, suffer from alcohol abuse or dependence. Considered a serious medical disease, alcoholism can significantly affect all aspect of a person’s life and his/her family.

Alcohol detox treatment is the first-line of treatment to someone who is in a process of quitting this deadly addiction. Medical detoxification helps a patient to cope up with withdrawal symptoms as the first few days without alcohol for a patient can be really tough. Since his body and mind is habituated with drinking, it takes time to adjust to a situation without the presence of alcohol. The most severe type of withdrawal syndrome is known as delirium tremens, which includes symptoms such as hallucinations, fever, and seizures. However, one may also experience a combination of physical and emotional symptoms, from mild anxiety and fatigue to nausea.

Inpatient medical detoxification services are most appropriate for alcoholics who are at serious risk of withdrawal symptoms or those who are suffering from a co-occurring disorder. Since the patients are under 24/7 medical observation undergoing a complete treatment procedure, there are sooner chances of recovery. Outpatient detoxification is also shown to be effective provided the patient is available for daily follow-ups and monitoring under the treatment process.

Alcohol detoxification treatment like naturally-assisted rapid detox helps a patient to navigate smoothly through the detox process. The detoxification process can prove valuable when it comes to matters such as liver damage as result of excessive drinking. Once this process has been completed, it will be time for the client to look at the underlying causes of the illness. It has also been shown to help prevent depression, anxiety, and stress that is associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal.

Steady heavy drinking can become alcoholism. If you or someone you know is losing control over their drinking, the Arizona Detox Helpline is an excellent resource on substance abuse and treatment programs. Please contact us at 866-593-8453 to learn more about how we can help you or a loved one beat alcohol addiction today.