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Posted on February 27th, 2018

Chris Cornell’s wife blames addiction for his death

Chris Cornell’s wife blames addiction for his death

As the world comes to terms with the death of singer Chris Cornell, his wife Vicky Cornell thinks otherwise. Opening up about his suicide in an interview, she said that the lead vocalist of the rock band Soundgarden died due to the prescription painkiller benzodiazepine.

Chris was reportedly prescribed benzodiazepine to help him deal with a shoulder injury that was forcing him to stay awake at night. Talking about his addiction and relapse, Vicky highlighted that rather than alleviating pain the drug pushed him into addiction.

“The brain of someone who has a substance use disorder (SUD) is different from that of someone who doesn’t. He relapsed,” she said, adding, “He took 20-something pills, and in a nine-day period, 33.”

Throwing light on the lesser-known aspect of Chris, she said, “He loved his life. He would never have ever left this world. Our family was his everything. As soon as he got offstage, he was a dad, he was a regular dad.”

Addiction is not a choice

Though he had struggled with drug addiction in the past, he had remained sober since 2002. Apparently, just two months before his death, Chris tried sharing his struggle with drugs with one of his friends via email.  Opening about his struggle with addiction, he admitted of being in rehab for an addiction to OxyContin. Unfortunately, the singer could not have a word with anyone as he was found dead in a hotel room after the Soundgarden’s Detroit concert on May 18, 2017. His family members suspect that Ativan prescribed for anxiety might have exacerbated his suicide.

While addiction has long been affecting the common masses in the United States, very few people seek help to attain recovery. This is probably due to the stigma associated with these conditions. Besides clearing doubts among the fans of Chris, Vicky shared her views on the problem of drug addiction. She said, “You think addiction is a choice, and it’s not. I think that if there was less stigma around it, more people would speak up. My husband was the furthest thing from a rock star junkie. He just wasn’t. He was the best husband, the greatest father. I lost my soulmate and the love of my life.”

Seek help to overcome addiction

The path to drug addiction begins with an individual starts taking the drug voluntarily. Soon, he or she reaches the stage when he or she begins to crave for the substance. At the end, the person is unable to control his or her cravings and withdraw from the drug of choice. The act of compulsory drug use begins due to the reduction in an individual’s ability to think properly and make sound decisions. This is when the need to seek help arises. One must never hesitate to seek help for addiction to any form of substances. All the challenges and struggles of any addiction can be overcome through proactive intervention and approach.

The treatment for any form of addiction begins with a healthy detox program. The detox programs designed by the experts aim at helping the concerned individual get rid of all the unwanted substances stored in his or her body. A successful detoxification increases the chances of completion of other measures and recovery. Although the treatment plan for every individual dealing with addiction is different, it typically includes some of the common options like medications, counseling, behavioral therapies and self-help groups. A combination of some or all of these treatment options can help ensure complete recovery to an individual.

If you or someone you know is addicted to any form of illegal or illicit drugs, it is important to make him or her understand the need of seeking help. The NTR/NAD Detox of Arizona has been established with the aim to help those in need of help to recover and deal with any form of addiction. Call us at our 24-hour detox helpline 866-593-8453 or chat online with one of our experts to know the complete details about the detox treatment centers in Arizona and connect with one of them to attain recovery.